Band Profile: Al Namrood

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Band Profile: Al Namrood

Like booze, lesbian porn, and pretty much anything else worthwhile, my blog is banned from Saudi Arabia. However, Saudi Arabia is one of the top ten countries who read Undead Goathead (thanks guys!)  To celebrate this small victory, I’m going to write about Al Namrood, an Arabic black metal band whose name translates to The Non-believer. Those of you familiar with the Bible may recognize the anglicized version as King Nimrod, who is depicted as a blasphemer and often credited with building the tower of Babel, or even for being the Antichrist incarnate.

I must admit that I am not exactly fluent in  Arabic, but song titles such as Bat Al Tha ar Nar Muheja (Vengeance Abided Bonfire) and the self titled Atba’a Al Namrood (Something something non-believer) suggest a morbid outlook, as well as violence and athiesm. Besides, music is the universal language. Al Namrood breaks the language barrier (and possibly the sound barrier) with their painfully loud, brutally awesome compositions.
Check out this sick music video, which portrays a lifestyle of indifference and decadence contrasted with imagery of fire, destruction, and hardship. Fucking badass.
Although similar to other Middle Eastern metal bands such as Acrassicauda and Narjahanam, Al Namrood possesses a certain spark that the other bands lack. I can’t explain exactly what it is, but Al Namrood is just heavier, darker, and more extreme than their fellows. They are shamelessly raw, primal, and ruthless. You can purchase albums and other merchandise, read news, or find other information on their own website. They are also active on social media such as Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter.
Frankly, I’m blown the fuck away. Five stars out of five!

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