Call For Submissions/ Upcoming Shows

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Call For Submissions/ Upcoming Shows

I know I’ve been slacking, blog-wise, but the fact is I’m working full time, plus I scored a sweet gig writing for Against Magazine, and I’m also a DJ for Ground Zero Radio. Between these three things, and minor other distractions such as eating and sleeping, I don’t have so much time for Undead Goathead. I am currently looking for contributors, so email me at if interested. I’m one busy bee, but I plan on writing here as often as circumstances permit.

Meanwhile, the proverbial show must go on. Here are some concerts happening in the local area. 

Sick Lineup at Albuqurque’s Launchpad. If you come to this show, I’ll let you buy me a drink.
Ah, the prodigal sons return. The Elected Officials are back in Santa Fe, supported by Baked and Disasterman. Who says that Punk’s dead? Fuck off, Punk is just drunk. 
Legends of Metalcore, Unearth, are gracing Albuqurque’s Blackwater Music with their godly presence. Don’t miss this shit or you’ll be sorry. 
Only ten bucks to see this sexy, sexy show.  Be there or be mocked by all your cool friends.
Fuck it, I’m too drunk to type anything else.

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