Album Review: Iconocaust -Judas Complex

Posted by on May Tue, 2013 in Album Review, Death Metal, Melodic Death Metal, Metalcore, New Releases

Before I even heard any of their music, I already assumed that Iconocaust would be devoid of clean vocals. With this band, however,  melodic singing coexists with the growls and screams we all know and love. In addition to these contrasting vocals, some songs feature no vocalizations at all. Strategically placed instrumentals pepper Judas Complex. Speaking of instruments, the guitars and bass are a nice flashback to the thrashy, catchy hooks that skyrocketed The Big … read...

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Band Profile: Destroy To Recreate

Posted by on Feb Wed, 2012 in Band Profile, Death Metal, Grind, Hardcore, Metalcore, Shock Rock

Band Profile: Destroy To Recreate Metal as a genre is as durable, and also as malleable, as the substance that shares its title. The heaviness remains constant, but the method by which it is expressed can change, often surpassing itself. This resilience is not only characteristic, but even exclusive to metal. The genre can be seen evolving in the limelight, manifested by well-known bands and publicized by their ever-vigilant fans. However, it is usually the underground scene that incubates … read...

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