Band Profile: Futilitarian

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I’ve noticed that New Mexico has an obsession, almost bordering on a fetish, with Outer Space. Mayhaps it’s just because we have Roswell? I don’t know. Either way, our Metal scene was prototype Alien-core before Rings Of Saturn was a big deal. From the celestial tech-death of Fields Of Elysium to the  astronaut rappers of State Of The Mingo, we’re all a bunch of space cadets here. Hell, we even have a venue called Launchpad. … read...

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In Memory of Chaos

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12/13/2011…On this day, a decade has passed since the departure of Death frontman Chuck Schuldiner. The band Death was a profound innovation, not only in Metal but in music as an entirety. Their impact on the Death Metal industry was so intense that it’s almost as if the genre owes their namesake to them. Chuck Shuldiner in particular played a significant role, serving the band not only as guitarist but also as lead vocalist. His status as a pioneer … read...

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