Sneak Peek: Savage Wizdom: A New Beginning

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This post is dedicated to the recently deceased Jeff Hanneman. 

Savage Wizdom has some epic tricks up their sleeves for their upcoming album, tentatively titled A New Beginning. This gem will feature guest vocals of the legendary vocalist/songwriter/sex god Blaze Bayley! This alone would make A New Beginning  a turning point in Savage Wizdom’s career, even though it’s the only full length CD after the debut of No Time For Mercy. This album promises all-new material as well as remastered tracks.

Although they’ve been busy with production and events like Dungeonfest, Savage Wizdom performed live at their studio on Friday night. I would have spread the word prior to the event, had I known myself. As it stands, those of us who just wanted to hang out with the band for a member’s birthday party, were pleasantly surprised by a huge crowd, live radio DJ’s, video cameras, and most importantly, booze. Opening up for Savage Wizdom was their guitarist Steven Montoya’s side project, Heavensake. Their first time playing on stage was filmed live, taped live, and broadcast internationally. Metal World Radio is to thank/blame. Here is a link to the video, which is impossible to embed for some fucking reason.

Not bad for their first gig. However, the spotlight shone even brighter on Power Metal veterans Savage Wizdom. Their magnum opus thus far is Shattered Lives, based on true stories of WWII Europe. Even those who escaped the horrors of the deathcamps were suffering from poverty and destitution. At that particular place and time, Jewish children would have to hide in squalid conditions, scavenge for food, and struggle to survive. Shattered Lives is an intense, virtuosic song inspired by, and dedicated to, those children.  The agitated guitars play a brutal melody, while the vocals are melancholy and haunting. No online content is available, so this song alone would be worth the purchase of A New Beginning.

The sneak peek itself warrants five stars. The album is still in production, but stay tuned for updates!


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