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Top 4 Metal Album Covers

Let’s face it, we kind of earned our reputation for corny album covers. For every masterpiece worthy of a full back tattoo, there are a zillion neon gory monstroties created by a graphic-designs drop out. For your sake, I have sifted through the good, the bad, and the ugly to give you four of my favorites. Let’s start it out with numba 4.

4. Last Of Lucy – Euphoric Obsession

Cow holy, this is as psychedelic and morbid as a bad trip itself. I love this kick-ass design, featuring sinister ‘shrooms and the kind of freaky monster that appears when you eat one too many. Their appearance is lurid and colorful, without falling into the common rut of gawdy cartoon. On the contrary, the dark hues of the art force the viewer to peer in more deeply to appreciate the details. The subtle hints of reality in their stylistic design make everything that much more surreal, and that much more disturbing.

3. Muknal- EP

  I wish I could find a title for this, but I can’t. Feel free to enlighten me if you know it. Any way, check out this most triumphant artwork: A celestial cave so surreal that it borders on psychedelic. I’m no artist, but I know some bitchin’ contrast of positive and negative space when I see it. This is also reflective of the paradox of violet with crimson, or an earthbound crevasse juxtaposed with astronomical infinitude. Notice that, unlike other album covers, this one portrays no semblance of life. If you think that’s morbid, just wait ’til you hear the music.

2. Pantera – Vulgar Display Of Power

Behold: A cover that lives up to its title (literally!) The story behind the photoshoot is a modern-day legend. If the tale is to be believed, the dude getting socked in the head was paid $10 per punch until they got just the right shot, which was purported to be about 30 takes. At any rate, it’s a sick picture for a sick album, so everyone wins.

1. Iron Maiden – Killers
The graphics are a perfect balance of realistic and stylized, creating an image as surreal and disturbing as the music itself. Eddie, my beloved anti-hero, looks badass as ever while he chops an anonymous victim. Eddie appears awesome, sadistic, and (dare I say it?) even a little sexy in a candid moment of calm between storms. Meanwhile, terrified civilians cower in their homes behind half-drawn curtains. Whether they are averting their eyes to the horror, or rubbernecking from the safety of their abodes, remains ambiguous.