Warehouse 21 Concert

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So last time, I informed all you mongrels of the upcoming shows. If you missed this concert, that’s entirely your own fault. Either way, here are the shenanigans that transpired last night. Soul To Rest were the last-minute opening act, filling in for Burst Into Flames. I love both of these bands, so the show would have kicked ass anyway, but Soul To Rest is a local favorite and brought in a plethora of metalheads. … read...

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Upcoming Shows

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Warehouse 21, the best all-ages venue in Santa Fe, will be hosting a kick-ass Metal show on Saturday, featuring local legends Savage Wizdom and Grinkai, as well as the Albuqurque death-metallers Echoes Of Fallen and the talented Burst Into Flames hailing from Edgewood. Just because it’s an all-ages event, don’t think the place will be swarming with bratty kids. Old-school heshers frequent such concerts, and in fact the only difference is that alcohol is strictly … read...

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