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Undead Goathead Archives  is my original blogger site in all of its puke-inducing glory.

The Metal Archives, AKA  Encyclopaedia Metallum, your definitive source for all things Metal.

Dark Lyrics  is the best place to find words to your favorite songs. Don’t even pretend you can understand goregrind.

American Nihilist Underground Society  is an in-depth analysis of metal philosophy and cultural impact. Never mind the hilarious acronym.

Terrorizer Magazine reigns supreme.  This publication is for die-hard metalheads.

Revolver Magazine   features great articles on well-known bands, but also grazes upon the underground scene. Also responsible for The Golden God Awards.

Decibel Magazine   boasts the title of being the only monthly Metal magazine in America. Great coverage of both established and obscure artists.

Metalhammer Magazine  keeps up-to-date with metal news and album reviews. The focus is usually on mainstream  artists.

Metal Injection  features heavy metal news, videos, interviews, and more.

Metal Sucks is another source of reviews, articles, etc. Don’t worry, the name is satirical.

Morbid Outlook is all things Goth, from scene reports and fashion articles to vegetarianism and spirituality.