Undead Goathead

Dedicated to metal, music, and mischief.


About Undead Goathead:

In a hostile environment where everything bites, scratches, or stings, Undead Goathead is an oasis of rebellion and creativity. What originated as a blog about my local metal scene in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is now so much broader, encompassing rock, metal, and punk bands throughout the globe. Although I keep track of current and upcoming releases, I also focus on older albums, be they classic or obscure. While the music itself comes first and foremost, there are also several musings on the philosophy and culture behind this powerful music.

The title “Undead Goathead” is derived from the Goathead thorn, native to New Mexico. This thorn is even more spiky and evil after it is dry and dead. The local colloquialism for such a thorn is “Undead Goathead”. The non-native, however, just thinks it sounds like a zombie pentagram, which is totally Metal.

In a nutshell, this website is just trying to give the underground talent the mad props that they deserve.

-Cheryl Lynn


logical Cheryl Lynn, Founding Editor-in-chief

Metal is my primary passion, but I appreciate anything with talent and effort going into it.