Upcoming Shows

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A few days ago, I thought I’d just post a single half-assed entry and leave it there for a fortnight. However, fate/Metal/ the internet had other plans. I’m lots of fun and bad with numbers, so I’m pretty sure it’s four posts and counting at this point. Well, here ya go. Domestic Violence is best described as Super Punk Rock. They’re so awesome that even people who don’t like Punk music are hooked, if only … read...

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Concert Review: Metal Alliance 2012

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Well, fuck. It’s been a rowdy ass weekend frought with mayhem and debauchery. Warehouse 21 hosted yet another Metal show on Saturday, but more about that later. Today, I’m going to focus on the craziness that was the Metal Alliance tour. First of all, it came to my neck of the woods on Easter Sunday. The Holy Day is a pretty weird time to do anything, let alone have a freaking Death Metal Concert. And on Zombie … read...

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Losfer Words

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Writers block sucks. At least it’s a full moon tonight; maybe the werewolf vibes will make me cool by sunset. After an all-nighter analyzing Wagner’s Tristan Und Isolde, I’m pretty sure that love itself is nocturnal. Anyway, there’s a show at W21 tomorrow, featuring Santa Fe metal bands Grinkai (funky death metal) and Savage Wizdom (heavy power metal), as well as Albuqurque rockers Until Chaos and Mono Stereo. All ages, Five Bucks, show starts at … read...

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Concert Review: 1st Annual Blu Phoenix Rising Fest

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In case no-one noticed (which is probably the case), I’ve been pumped about this show for about a month. Now that it finally happened, I feel entitled to rant and rave even more about it. It was amazing, as Joe Angel Productions tend to be, and it went a little something like this: The opening act was Of All Forms, which I consider to be the quintessential modern Metal band. They’re not radio-friendly in … read...

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