Shakespeare And Metal: Part II

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Last night I watched a rerun of Metalocalypse when Nathan Explosion had to read the complete works of Shakespeare, and then I was reminded of one of my many projects that I initiated and subsequently abandoned. So, at long last, here is the second installment of my speculations on the connexion betwixt Shakespeare and Metal. Last time, I had Othello on my mind. Now, I’m thinking about Hamlet. The titular character is a hesher and … read...

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Shakespeare And Metal: Part I

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I recently went to a kick-ass lecture delivered by Sir Christopher Ricks, and it blew my mind.  He’s a freaking KNIGHT. And have you seen his credentials? This is an exerpt from the memorandum: Christopher Ricks is the co-director of the Editorial Institute and the William M. and Sara B. Warren Professorof the Humanities at Boston University, having formerly been professor of English at Bristol and at Cambridge. He is a member of the Association of … read...

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Cheryl And Dante’s Bogus Journey

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For those of you who don’t know, I recently had an existential crisis of beastly proportions. My dilemna was this: Is Metal essential to my nature, or is my obsession with the genre accidental, as Aristotle would say? It seemed bleak. After all, the genre has not always existed, therefore it could not possibly be the defining characteristic of any personality. I refuse to accept this. What am I, if not a Metalhead? Do I even … read...

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