Last Minute Update

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Holy shit! You know what sucks? When you love a certain band to death, and they would be the perfect puzzle piece to complete an amazing line-up, and then they instantaneously break the hell up. Rest in pieces, Obelisk. I miss you already. However, being a trooper, I decided that the proverbial and literal show must go on. Behold my mediocre photoshop skills:   You know the drill. Tell your friends, arrange an afterparty, … read...

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Upcoming Shows

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I love being 21. Nothing is better than getting smashed and listening to awesome, insane, loud music. For instance…               If that’s not your thing, slightly more marketable/mainstream music is coming to the Sunshine Theater on the 30th.                                         Or, you can check this out, and Scream It Like You Mean It. AAAAHHHH!! This Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Joe Angel Productions presents Destroy It All Tour, featuring Epiphany, Carry Your Ghost, and some other crazy Metal bands. … read...

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