Album Review: Despite Loyalty – Despite Loyalty

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Album Review: Despite Loyalty – Despite Loyalty



Dark, morbid, and sexy, this self-titled album is quite the debut. Combining elements of industrial music with electro-goth, Despite Loyalty is bass-heavy, fetishized music in the vein of Ministry or even Rob Zombie. Rhythmic hooks, funky beats, distorted guitars, and macabre lyrics converge into a beast that would sound just as good on the dance floor as it would in the mosh pit. Headbangers from any side of the spectrum- from metal to EDM- will get a kick out of this.

This deluxe edition includes several bonus tracks, my favorite of which is an 8 bit remix of the original track Body Bag Bondage. Although the music speaks for itself, the band’s predilection for kink is a definite plus. The songs are filthy and nasty, but the production quality is super clean and polished, an irresistible combination. The whole experience is completed with a booklet in the sleeve, featuring the full lyrics and graphic visuals for your viewing pleasure.

Creepy, cool, and catchy, Despite Loyalty seamlessly blend several disparate genre into one Frankenstein monster that lurches and growls with the strength of a juggernaut. Permeated by themes of sadomasochism, this album hits hard and heavy. Gluttons for punishment and music snobs alike can agree: Despite Loyalty is fucking sick. Check them out on their official website, facebook, bandcamp, reverbnation, AND soundcloud. Three stars out of five!



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