Album Review: Krosis – A Memoir of Free Will

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Album Review: Krosis – A Memoir of Free Will
A Memoir Of Free Will, the latest offering from Krosis, is anticipated to drop in February of 2020.

Currently signed to Unique Leader Records, Krosis is a progressive deathcore band from North Carolina, USA. Vocalist Mac Smith, guitarists Adam Theissen and Brandon Scurlark, bassist Brian Krake, and drummer Dan Cece have carved a name for themselves in the North Carolina scene.
They will be dropping the new album, A Memoir of Free Will, on February 7 of 2020.

Each track in the new album is unique, but they are all united by the same brutality and aggression. Some tracks are more than 10 minutes long (like the title track), while some last less than 4 minutes (like “Battles Are Won Within”). The band has a well-grounded grasp on music composition and arrangement. They know when to be fast, when to be slow, when to be noisy, and when to be melodic. The new single, “To Persist Or Adhere”, even has a music video. The song itself displays the mastery of controlled dissonance. The visuals are simple but well-executed.

Their music is heavy and brutal, but the virtuosity shines through. Their technicality is reminiscent of the classical compositions of the Rococo era. The aggression of Krosis is refined by disciplined instrumentation. Their heavier songs, such as “Psychotoclism”, can invoke the vast expanse of outer space, while their softer songs remind me of the subtle elegance of an 18th Century chateau. Interestingly, Vivaldi and Bach were composing their masterpieces in the 1700s, right around the same time that North Carolina was colonized. Now, North Carolina still has symphonies and ballets that uphold the tradition of classical music theory. Krosis seems to share some history with the classical school of thought, as suggested by their intricate song structures and sophisticated technique.

In addition to their studio time, Krosis has also been busy touring with other bands. Their live concerts are incredible. Their performance at Tumbleroot Brewery in Santa Fe, NM, was especially memorable. St. Victims and Fields of Elysium opened for them, two of the heavy hitters in the local metal scene.  The melodic riffs of Krosis played well with the technical interludes of Fields of Elysium, and vice versa. The gory antics of St. Victim’s were a good start to the evening, complete with a customized prescription from Dr. Ick himself. The whole night had me grinning ear to ear, a genuine smile, the first that I’d had in a long time.

Hell, even the Krosis merchandise is awesome. I bought my first long-sleeve metal t shirt from these dudes, and it immediately became one of my favorite pieces of merch. I was impressed by everything that Krosis has to offer, from their recordings to their concerts to their aesthetic. Check them out on their official website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

What’s not to like? 4 stars out of 5!

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