Band Profile: Krimson Karma

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Band Profile: Krimson Karma


Hailing from Omaha, NE, Krimson Karma are a chilling specimen of black metal, with bombastic screams, atmospheric guitar refrains, and plenty of blast beats. The vocals are especially powerful; the demonic volume and dissonance mirror the satanic lyrics. Although high pitched screams are predominant, vocalist Jarrod Pike displays an amazing range. The flow between lower and higher pitches is seamless.

The guitars follow the black metal traditions of playing inverted melodies and tremolo riffs. These create the dark and sinister structure of the music.The percussion was at its zenith in the track Conjuring Infestation, with a monolithic pounding on the kick drum, invoking a primitive sense of dread. Paradoxically, the articulate shredding in the guitars made these drums sound even more primal, and vice versa. The contrast of simplicity with complexity made the music extremely dynamic.

Together, all of these musical techniques culminate into  a very representative example of American black metal. You can give Krimson Karma a listen on their Reverbnation.  Three stars out of five.


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  1. My ex is the vocalist there amazing guys in and out of the band I support them to the fullest!!! \M/

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