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Last post grazed upon the surface of the Albuqurque band Distances and their extaordinary stage presence. However, I feel as though their talent warrants a little more attention than what I gave them. Since I’m already conscious at the ungodly hour of 10 in the morning, I’ll do a quickie post before I go to the first annual Blu Phoenix Rising fest. (W21, $10, 5 PM). Anyway, this band is phenomenal, so check this shit out.

Lucid melodies sublimate, abrupt and yet seamless, into intense cadences. However, these heavy sections are still tempered by elements of ambience. The guitar riffs are pristine, distorted in their consonance, leaving the audiences ears ringing with this haunting silvery sound. The vocals are consistently caustic, never straying from the ruthless snarls that characterize the music. Meanwhile, the drums are usually in the background, but the shining moments of percussion are fucking immaculate, like seeing the moon shine through a veil of clouds.

Distances embodies audiovisual overdrive bordering on synesthesia. The sensory assault is lurid and brooding, and somehow remains harmonious. The sight of the musicians on stage, headbanging together amongst the scizophrenic lights, was a testament to the unison in entropy that defines the band. Distances was an exquisite experience, not only for their beautiful music but also for their visual spectacle. Five stars outta five.
(P.S.  Thanks for the acid flashback. )

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