Band Profile: Savage Wizdom

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Band Profile: Savage Wizdom


Savage Wizdom rose to prominence in the local scene due to their adherence to Traditional-Metal styles, a refreshing break from the indistinguishable sounds of many local artists. The vocals are a combination of Halford operatics and the primal screams that peppered Pink Floyd’s Wall. The guitars are gradient, transitioning from chugging rhythms to wailing powerchords in the vein of early Queensryche. The bass keeps up and never gets lost in the mix, as is the unfortunate case for the majority of Metal bands. The drummer is extaordinary, as he knows he is a musician and not a metronome. The 5 member band is like a perfect pentagram; all of the elements are in sync, with no one in particular dominating or upsetting the balance. This very chemistry (or alchemy) is the factor that most contributes to their phenomenal stage-presence. Although they rarely employ props or theatrics, they need little more than synchronised headbanging to bring all eyes on them.

The lyrics are the mercury icing on the Metal-cake. Subject matter is relatively niche, covering themes such as dudes with swords, dragon slayers, undead serial killers, and so on. In other words, another day in the life for a true Metalhead. We, as headbangers, would love to hear our collective biography performed onstage in front of all the other headbangers. Tragically, Savage Wizdom has spent more time in the studio than in the venues, so live shows are somewhat of a rarity. However, when they perform live, they attract a huge, enthusiastic crowd, often outstripping the fanbases of headliners. Brutal.

A few line-up changes throughout the years have refined the dynamics of the band. Although their only released CD featured a line-up different from the current one, the sound quality and energy are excellent. Rumors abound about a new CD to be released in the near future. Details to come.

In a nutshell, Savage Wizdom is crowd-pleasing Power Metal with a modern twist. Four stars outta five.




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