Band Profile: Dissonance In Design

Posted by on Nov Thu, 2012 in Band Profile, Melodic Death Metal, Progressive Rock, Technical

Dissonance In Design is a very appropriate name for a band of this caliber. As the name implies, they deliver  intricate and yet caustic melodies. Their musical style is simultaneously technical and melodic… Put simply, they have sublime virtuosity. The compositions are so complex that they border on unholy. The drummer is probably on crack, or just mind-blowingly good at what he does. I don’t know what the guitarist looks like, but I can’t help … read...

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Band Profile: Eat A Helicopter

Posted by on Jul Sun, 2012 in Album Review, Band Profile, Death Metal, Deathcore, New Releases

Do you like stuff like Whitechapel and Chelsea Grin, but your concert budget consists of of $20 and a bottle of cheap vodka? Worry no longer, comrades. Eat A Helicopter is just as awesome at a fraction of the cost. If you don’t believe me, here’s a music video. If you like what you hear, buy the album Descend Into Darkness,  available on Itunes. The drumming is the typical Metal style, a relentless machine-gun … read...

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Band Profile: These Charming Cobras

Posted by on Jun Sat, 2012 in Band Profile, Punk, Surf Rock

The band is aptly named,since they are deceptively chill, belying venomous undertones and musical subversity. Upon first hearing them, I was enraptured by the simple, catchy hooks and vocals so smooth they border on sedative. However, the get-stuck-in-your-head guitar is distorted and full of attitude. The vocals, although aesthetically pleasing, are also more than what they seem. The lyrics are a trifecta of funny, sexy, and scary themes that characterized the lyrics of Alice Cooper. … read...

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Band Profile: HN-88

Posted by on Jun Thu, 2012 in Band Profile, Punk

I have a secret love for Pop- Punk. Laugh all you want, but I am still a badass Metalhead, despite my adoration for cutesy music. Besides, HN-88 are actually pretty freaking boss. Never mind that their name is random numbers and letters in the vein of Blink 182 or Sum 41. These guys write songs with the same subject matter as Metal… the Apocalypse, drug use, murder, sex,  and (if you count Metalcore as “Metal”), … read...

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Band Profile: Futilitarian

Posted by on Jun Mon, 2012 in Band Profile, Uncategorized

I’ve noticed that New Mexico has an obsession, almost bordering on a fetish, with Outer Space. Mayhaps it’s just because we have Roswell? I don’t know. Either way, our Metal scene was prototype Alien-core before Rings Of Saturn was a big deal. From the celestial tech-death of Fields Of Elysium to the  astronaut rappers of State Of The Mingo, we’re all a bunch of space cadets here. Hell, we even have a venue called Launchpad. … read...

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We Came As Romans: A Very Bitchy Band Review

Posted by on Jun Tue, 2012 in Band Profile

I’m going to be brutally honest and admit that I am the Paula Abdul of Metalheads. That I refer to this simple fact as “brutally honest” is a testament to it’s validity. Sometimes it is in the best interest of the artists to provide some constructive criticism, and not meaningless praise. And sometimes it’s just fun to be a bitch to a band that you despise. And after hours of plunging the unknown, fathomless depths … read...

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Band Profile: Distances

Posted by on Mar Sat, 2012 in Band Profile, Concert Review

Last post grazed upon the surface of the Albuqurque band Distances and their extaordinary stage presence. However, I feel as though their talent warrants a little more attention than what I gave them. Since I’m already conscious at the ungodly hour of 10 in the morning, I’ll do a quickie post before I go to the first annual Blu Phoenix Rising fest. (W21, $10, 5 PM). Anyway, this band is phenomenal, so check this shit … read...

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Band Profile: The Screamagers

Posted by on Feb Sun, 2012 in Band Profile, Punk, Surf Rock

Band Profile: The Screamagers

“Centipedes seem to exert a weird fascination on the morbid apetites of the hysterical and insane.” -J.L Cloudsley-Thompson. I guess it’s true, because I happened to be researching the damn creatures for the past 3 hours or so. At any rate, whether by divine providence or the clusterfuck of the World Wide Web, I discovered something called Centipede Records. I guess it’s some kind of indie label? Well, these dudes are signed under them, and … read...

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Band Profile: Destroy To Recreate

Posted by on Feb Wed, 2012 in Band Profile, Death Metal, Grind, Hardcore, Metalcore, Shock Rock

Band Profile: Destroy To Recreate Metal as a genre is as durable, and also as malleable, as the substance that shares its title. The heaviness remains constant, but the method by which it is expressed can change, often surpassing itself. This resilience is not only characteristic, but even exclusive to metal. The genre can be seen evolving in the limelight, manifested by well-known bands and publicized by their ever-vigilant fans. However, it is usually the underground scene that incubates … read...

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Album Review: Soul To Rest – Clamber Of Chaos

Posted by on Feb Tue, 2012 in Album Review, Band Profile, Cult Classics, Death Metal

Soul To Rest is one of the most popular metal groups in Santa Fe for a reason. Their style is caustic, melodic, and energetic, a very Whitechapel-esque combination. The recently released CD, Clamber Of Chaos, never recieved the hype it deserves. Soul To Rest concerts are most triumphant, so how would their recordings measure against the standard they set for live shows? The album gets off to a good start, opening with the band’s magnum … read...

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