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This post is named after a shirt I got from the mall in high school. I think it was from like, Claire’s or Hot Topic or some equally corny establishment. It just said “Rave Reggae Rock” in neon colors on a cool tank top.  Anyway, I just got back from a Rave at the very decent hour of 2:18 AM.  It was pretty cool, but I felt self conscious because I thought I looked like a “prosti-tot”. I’m not a teenager who dresses like a skank, I’m just a hot chick who happens to be short. Plus, I just a had a nice bowl of marij– Um, a nice bowl of ice cream, so I was having a pretty good time.

And for the record, I did headbang to dubstep. The rumors are true. Stop yelling at me. Even so,  I’ve had an epiphany. The audiences at raves are pretty pissed off, even though the music is all uppity. However, Metal audiences are pretty pumped, even though the music is morbid. The fuck is up with that? How can a grown ass man wear so many shades of neon pink and still manage to be mad?

Well, this blog is all about Metal, at least in theory, so I guess here’s some upcoming shows for all of you mongrels.

Victory Heights is having a “Comeback Show”, which sounds like a euphemism for “Reunion Show”. I don’t actually know. Regardless, they sound pretty good, so this concert seems legit. Besides,  I can attest to the awesomeness that is Scarless, as well as Forever An End. Each of these bands is some version of Metalcore, and I know approximately jack-shit about the rest of the line-up, but for $7, I’m not complaining. The venue is Amped Performance Center, so don’t come drunk or bitchy or they’ll throw your dumb ass out. And you’ll deserve it.
Tomorrow, there’s this show, which is gonna be totally sick. Futilitarian is trippy, intricate Instru-Metal, whereas Bear The Nightmare is kind of like Metalcore, but a little cooler. Don’t know the other two, but it doesn’t matter because I will be ONE DAY too young to see them anyway.
This show is actually the day of my birthday, so it’s my gift to myself. $4 for a Punk show and a bar? Fuck yeah. That’s so awesome that it’s stupid.
Local band Xmortis is also going to play at Albuqurque’s Launchpad on Sunday, September 2. There is no flyer yet, as the event is pretty distant in the future. In fact, no-one even knows the rest of the line up yet. But Launchpad has pretty high standards, so I’m sure it will rock. Besides, the whole shindig is a benefit for the Save The Music campaign, sponsored by VH1. Big-shot corporations like that don’t take their concerts lightly. Even though I don’t have many details, I do know that tix are $10 in advance and $12 the day of.  So, get a headstart on that, comrades.
Fuck, I’m about to barf, so be content with what I give you, ya drunk fools.

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