Brothers In Arms

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As I’ve mentioned before, Animals As Leaders were recently robbed. They have been deprived of several custom guitars, some gear, and even their freaking vehicle. (However, I was just informed that they retrieved the car and one of the guitars, so mad props to the LAPD). If you have any info on the rest of their stuff, you can contact them at Unfortunately, Animals As Leaders were not the only band who got screwed … read...

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Let’s Try This Again

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Last post was super-false, but my computer bit the dust, so I had to use an ancient monstrosity that runs slower than hell. Anyway, now that my horrible incident of terror is over, I can bring you a (slightly) higher quality of writing. It’s still going to consist entirely of random stuff I should have said a long time ago, and in a more aesthetically articulate manner, but I’m too fat, lonely, and poor to care. First of … read...

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