2 Days 2 Cities Levelled

Posted by on Mar Sat, 2012 in Upcoming Shows

So last time, I informed all you uncultured swine of the impending Metal shows coming to the Albuqurque/ Santa Fe area. Since I am too lazy and stupid to write anything creative today, I’m just going to keep ranting and raving about these concerts. If I can make just one Metalhead as stoked as I am, then my efforts shall not be in vain. So, let’s see, who is on the bill? Whoah. That’s alot … read...

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Warehouse 21 Concert

Posted by on Feb Mon, 2012 in Concert Review

So last time, I informed all you mongrels of the upcoming shows. If you missed this concert, that’s entirely your own fault. Either way, here are the shenanigans that transpired last night. Soul To Rest were the last-minute opening act, filling in for Burst Into Flames. I love both of these bands, so the show would have kicked ass anyway, but Soul To Rest is a local favorite and brought in a plethora of metalheads. … read...

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Mosh With Love

Posted by on Nov Wed, 2011 in Uncategorized

  Mosh pits are a cathartic descent into our primal nature. The best concerts are poorly lit, super crowded, painfully loud… They set off the evolutionary red flags which get us on high alert. That means a serious adrenaline rush. The nervous energy is crucial to a wicked show. Adult Contemporary sure as hell doesn’t have my heart pounding and my palms sweaty. I never attend a concert to unwind. I go to tense up. … read...

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Metal Day at the El Rey: A Concert Review

Posted by on Nov Sat, 2011 in Concert Review

International Metal Day, that most (un)holy of days, fell on 11/11/11 this year. In recognition of this divinely commissioned coincidence, Albuqurque’s own Historic El Rey Theater put together a badass gathering of epic proportions. These are the awesome results. Night of Revenge is basically an ameteur Bullet For My Valentine. Their lack of experience is overshadowed by their potential. Quite talented for their age, they need only to improve their clean vocals and stage presence. Along the … read...

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Machine-Eye Photography: An Image Caught in Time

Posted by on Nov Mon, 2011 in Punk

Unlike most photographers, Miguel Chavez captures movement, not moments. The  atmosphere of live music is reflected in his candid shots of mid-concert mayhem. He captures the definitive examples of mosh pits, of mass hysteria, the unison in entropy that epitomizes the art of concerts. Prolonged poses are rare in his art.  Even the standstills are obviously candid, a fleeting pause between motions. His photography has been featured at galleries such as Warehouse 21, … read...

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