Let’s Try This Again

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Last post was super-false, but my computer bit the dust, so I had to use an ancient monstrosity that runs slower than hell. Anyway, now that my horrible incident of terror is over, I can bring you a (slightly) higher quality of writing. It’s still going to consist entirely of random stuff I should have said a long time ago, and in a more aesthetically articulate manner, but I’m too fat, lonely, and poor to care. First of … read...

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Shakespeare And Metal: Part II

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Last night I watched a rerun of Metalocalypse when Nathan Explosion had to read the complete works of Shakespeare, and then I was reminded of one of my many projects that I initiated and subsequently abandoned. So, at long last, here is the second installment of my speculations on the connexion betwixt Shakespeare and Metal. Last time, I had Othello on my mind. Now, I’m thinking about Hamlet. The titular character is a hesher and … read...

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Happy 4/20

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Long story short, I’m dressed in drag trying to look like Toki Wartooth. Don’t ask how things got to this level. Even as I type, innocent passerby are gawking at me in my altered state. I am little more to these people than an amusing anecdote that they will describe to their sober friends in the near future.   By the way, the teddy bear isn’t in any way unusual. I always have Antar… read...

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