Album Review: Iconocaust -Judas Complex

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Before I even heard any of their music, I already assumed that Iconocaust would be devoid of clean vocals. With this band, however,  melodic singing coexists with the growls and screams we all know and love. In addition to these contrasting vocals, some songs feature no vocalizations at all. Strategically placed instrumentals pepper Judas Complex. Speaking of instruments, the guitars and bass are a nice flashback to the thrashy, catchy hooks that skyrocketed The Big … read...

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Rise From The Ashes Of Disbelief

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I’m not a slacker. To the contrary, I got two jobs, and therefore have very little time to write on my precious, precious blog. Also, I don’t even own my own computer. And typing entire articles on a smart-phone is a pain in the ass. Enough of my excuses, let’s talk abut Metal. First of all, I’m going to throw a tantrum because I should be at this show as we speak. But my job  … read...

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Datz Not Metulz Part 2

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I was unable/unwilling to post anyting for the past week or so, due to the fact that I was kidnapped to Durango to see a rave. I came back in one piece, but Colorado will be scarred forever. Anyway, I was deprived of Metal for a pretty long time, even though I enjoy electronic music. I don’t remember what any of the DJ’s called themselves, but I think it’s fair to say that the music … read...

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