Cheer Up, Emo Kid

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I missed the Gaza show, due to the clusterfuck that passes as “Public Transportation” in New Mexico. Being stranded in the sketchy side of one of the most Meth-saturated cities in the country is pretty Metal, but it’s also pretty fucked up. So I cut my losses and drank an ungodly amount of Absinthe while listening to their stuff on Myspace. However, I am severely dissappointed that I didn’t get their autographs. I saved my  … read...

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Metal Mythos Part 2: Power Metal

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(333 pageviews. Half the number of the beast. Could it be a sign…?)      Power Metal took mythology and music to the next level with  screaming vocals, melodic guitar riffs, and lurid lyrics. Early Queensryche exemplified this musical movement, otherwise known as Dungeon Metal. What we now consider guilty pleasures, back then were unadulterated badassery. Even established artists such as Iron Maiden had elements of Power Metal in their music. Whereas Zeppelin and others had used … read...

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