Band Profile: These Charming Cobras

Posted by on Jun Sat, 2012 in Band Profile, Punk, Surf Rock

The band is aptly named,since they are deceptively chill, belying venomous undertones and musical subversity. Upon first hearing them, I was enraptured by the simple, catchy hooks and vocals so smooth they border on sedative. However, the get-stuck-in-your-head guitar is distorted and full of attitude. The vocals, although aesthetically pleasing, are also more than what they seem. The lyrics are a trifecta of funny, sexy, and scary themes that characterized the lyrics of Alice Cooper. … read...

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Wake Up Dead

Posted by on Jun Thu, 2012 in Concert Review

You know that Megadeth song about a really brutal hangover? I’ll never understand it, because I rarely get hangovers. I guess the Booze Gods are rewarding me for my piety? Anyway, I missed that punk show in Albuqurque because I spent all day getting my ID, but the booze gods gave me further libations in the form of a Metal bar show in Santa Fe, so glory be to the saviors. These Charming Cobras are … read...

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A Blessing With A Curse

Posted by on Jun Sat, 2012 in Upcoming Shows

I was kind of bummed out because my posts are half-assed and lame, so I was worried about what to write today. Then I realized I could just post more flyers and call it a day. Tonight W21 is hosting the annual Get Awesome Fest, aptly titled because it’s FREE and features tons of bands from different genres. I don’t recognize any Metal bands in the line up. However, I know that HN-88 is a flashback … read...

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