Upcoming Shows: Nationwide Edition

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I’m going to try something new: Instead of focusing on New Mexico’s local shows, I’m going to post flyers for shows throughout the country. Simply scroll down until you see your region, then check out what shows are coming to a bar/warehouse/slum near you. The U.S.A is a pretty big place, so this will be broken up into two parts: Part 1 will focus on the West and it’s various sub-regions, and Part 2 will … read...

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New Albums Of 2013

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Hey dear readers, I bet all four of you love “Blackened Thrash Hardcore Punk with a touch of Death.” That is how Torture Victim describes themselves, and it pretty much hits the nail on the head. Their music boasts lightning fast riffs with a combination of clean and dirty vocals. I could only find the lyrics for two songs, which appear to be the usual Death Metal canon of genocide, mortality, gore, and legions of the undead. … read...

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A Torrential Onslaught Of Music

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I know I just posted flyers for upcoming shows, but there’s more concerts in summer than is humanly possible to actually attend. During my most recent excursion to Albu-tweakers, I noticed tons of Metal flyers posted on the neighboring venues. Jesus Christ, if you’re in New Mexico this month and somehow bored, you have to be deliberately trying not to have fun. Check this out, starting with The Sunshine Theater: At first I was skeptical about Born Of … read...

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