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Album Review: St. Victims – St. Victims

This band and their self titled debut have morbid medical themes, as well as a twisted sense of humor.

When I first heard this album, I was way too hungover for that fucking kazoo intro, but that made it even more hilarious and entertaining. The weird sound effects and humorous undertones continue with the following songs on the EP. Tracks like Shiddnfard and Botfly Reunion, use the trombone for its inherent comedic value. The gross-out humor and deadpan soundbites clash with the instrumentation, which is actually pretty badass. It’s a strange combination, but it’s interesting, and funny. The dark humor in this, reminds me of bands like Cannibal Corpse and Exhumed, but also raunchy cartoons like Ren and Stimpy, or Cow and Chicken.

The band gets their name from St. Vincent’s Hospital in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Unfortunately, the hospital is infamous for incompetence, quackery, and low budgets. As such, locals and patients gave it the unflattering nickname of “St. Victim’s Hospital.” Yeah, it’s that bad. I’ve been there. Much like an abandoned insane asylum, the hospital was the site of several real life traumas and tragedies, but it is also excellent source material for heavy metal.

St. Victim’s is a band comprised of Enrique Martinez on vocals and trombone, Niels Hanson on bass, Bryce Payton on drums, and Zac Hogan on guitar. Together, they released their self-titled debut in October of 2018. They also perform around the underground music circuit, at venues like Tumbleroot Brewery, The Cave, and Zephyr. While this music isn’t for everybody, it feels right at home in the local scene. Check them out on Bandcamp and Facebook. 3 stars out of 5!