Album Review: Cripple – Fuck Your Comfort

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Album Review: Cripple – Fuck Your Comfort

This band is “radical” in every sense of the word. Their music is extreme in all aspects. It’s fast, it’s loud, and it’s offensive as balls. Although a death metal influence is apparent, Cripple veers on the punk edge of the thrash spectrum. The simple riffs are short and catchy, with ornate solos. The violent vocals are pissed-off tirades of angry lyrics. The drums are crashing and rolling like a 7 car pileup. The result is less like a mosh pit and more like a demolition derby.

In addition to the guttural vocals, there are also sound clips taken from the film Dark City. The echoing soliloquys of a speaking voice add a haunting new dimension to the music. Creepy sound effects and dialogue provide even more depth to the atmosphere. The overall sound of the album is robust and well rounded. Fuck Your Comfort is consistently thrash throughout, with unexpected interludes or other surprises to maintain the sense of suspense.

The fantastic and morbid lyrics focus largely on personal demons. This is a unique take on classic metal archetypes. For example, the titular “cripple” is full of self pity, reminiscent of Hatebreed’s “Defeatist”. The album art, though minimal, is telling. A man in crutches drinking a bottle of booze: This is a clear metaphor for addiction. Another powerful symbol is that of the crown.  Two of my favorite tracks from this album, Death Dealer and the title track, Fuck Your Comfort, use such imagery. As a metalhead, some of my favorite songs use similar symbolism (for instance, Misery’s Crown by Dark Tranquillity or Devil’s Bleeding Crown by Volbeat).

When asked about the vivid imagery, vocalist and lyricist David Ahern-Seronde responded: “The relevance or symbol the crown represents is an evil elite, something that’s been put above us in a singular direction that none of us ever have had a legitimate opportunity or chance to defeat or take down. Very similar to most governments or new world order agendas. Fuck Your Comfort is written about social anxiety. In any sense. Basically not being able to express one’s self or even breathe because of unhealthy judgement.”

He continues:

“Everyone deserves a right. In any situation. We all deserve a chance. That’s why our metal scene is so fucking rad. Fuck Your Comfort is promoting anyone feeling put upon or judged and literally saying ‘fuck your comfort’ to those doing wrong. And are probably the unstable ones who don’t understand certain lifestyles.”

This music seems to challenge the listener to face their demons head on, and own up to their fatal flaws. The darkness of the music reflects the painful process of personal growth: Ego, pride, shame, and other obstacles to overcome. All aspects considered, this is a solid album, defined by raw aggression and edgy attitude. Check it out on Bandcamp or  Facebook. Listen at your own risk: Your comfort will definitely get fucked. Four stars out of five!

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