Bloodpig: Horrible Music By Worse People / Rx (Split)

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Bloodpig: Horrible Music By Worse People / Rx (Split)


Bloodpig is a band whose signature style consists of high octane punk rock energy, angry screams, cacophonous drumming, and dissonant guitars. This split compilation includes two albums: Horrible Music By Worse People (2015) and Rx (2012). Both are noisy, loud, obnoxious, and awesome. This will be a two part review, starting with the first album.

When describing this record, two words leap to mind: Nasty and gnarly. The musical techniques used are simple but effective. Part of this album’s appeal is the raw, unrefined imperfection. The vocals and the guitar and drum riffs are extremely vulgar and intense. Although Bloodpig delves into the deep, ugly depths of anger and hatred, they are also excellent comedians. The result is a wildly entertaining album with a morbid sense of humor.

Deer Stripper, the 6th track, has some deliciously sludgy elements. The slow, heavy riffs are thicker than congealed blood, and loud enough to wake the dead. Track 11, Jamie Lee, is just as cool but in a different way: The lightning speed riffing and distinctly hardcore vocals will get your heart racing and head banging. This is the track that leads into the second album: Rx.

Although this album is short enough to be considered an EP, the music is powerful and full of rage. Pharmville is an exceptional barnburner: The slow-paced, doomy riffs make a comeback, and the lyrics are a scathing tirade of socio-political outrage. The track preceding it, Watch Me Wreck This, is equally badass with its Drop D soundwall. The album concludes with Cumshaw, a soundscape of overlapping screams and a backdrop of disharmonious drumming and guitar work.

Altogether, Bloodpig embodies the violent anger of hardcore punk, but balanced by funny aspects that compliment the guts and gore. You can get the album in digital or hard copy on Bandcamp, or bug the band members on Twitter and Facebook. They are talented musicians, and their sound is bound to make an impact. Three stars out of five!




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