Movie review: Knights Of Badassdom

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Movie review: Knights Of Badassdom

This is yet another Metalhead Comedy that assumes that over-the-top ridiculousness will make it so cheesy that it’s awesome. Although this assumption holds true at times, there are also disappointingly predictable moments and stale humor that makes me question the sanity of whoever made the film. To its credit, Knights Of Badassdom features a cameo appearance by Brian Posehn, and the hero’s  requisite love interest is Summer Glau in a leather skirt and corset. Yowza!

The plot is fairly straightforward: The main character is moping over his failed relationship with his ex-girlfriend (No, not Summer Glau. He’s crying over some bimbo who can’t even tell the difference between Black Metal and Doom.) In an effort to cheer him up, his friends take him to a LARP convention, where they accidentally summon a succubus. Naturally, the convention is nothing but a buffet to her, where she terrorizes helpless nerds armed only with plastic shields and foam swords.

Although many jokes fell flat, and the story was pretty corny, it was a thoroughly enjoyable movie. There were several allusions to Metal and Rock bands, including Children Of Bodom, Led Zeppelin,  and others. It’s exactly what one should expect from  a comedy about cosplay, RPGs, sex demons, and Doom Metal. Sure, it’s kind of hokey, but it was also funny and entertaining. Three stars outta five.


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