Hesher: A Very Bitchy Movie Review

Posted by on Jul Fri, 2012 in Movie Review | 2 comments

I hate to be blunt, but this movie is a total drag. When I first read blurbs hailing the film as gruesome, dramatic, and hilarious, I was expecting something between Rockstar and Dead Alive. What I got instead was something between a chick-flick and a home movie. The plot is tedious, unless you want to spend an hour and a half of watching a 13 year old suffering constantly. Seriously, the protagonist, T.J, is tormented … read...

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Concert Review: Monster Bash

Posted by on Jan Sat, 2012 in Concert Review, Punk | 0 comments

Once more, I must apologize for my hiatus from writing, though in my defense, this particular digression was fueled by neither drugs nor laziness. Instead, I got my ass kicked in a mosh pit, and have been in recovery ever since. I’m mostly intact, sans a few teeth and higher brain functions, but otherwise alive and well. Let’s take a flashback to that infamous night, the legendary Monster Bash of Warehouse 21. The Advocates were … read...

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Space Trip: A Review of Albuquerque’s Launchpad

Posted by on Nov Wed, 2011 in Venue Review | 0 comments

There are no re-entries at Launchpad. Just like a real rocket mission, once you’re in, that’s it. There is no escaping the celestial spectacle, unless you feel like being thrust into an endless vacuum of instant boredom or death, respectively. The interior is ornamented with dazzling graffiti and stickers juxtaposed on the grimy walls. The floors are sick with gum and spit, and even the ceiling looks like it’s been wounded by rowdy rockers. This … read...

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