The Spiritual Implications Of Mosh Pits, According To A Drunk (Me)

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(Rewind: Spring 2011 ) I had learned of Danno’s death a week after it transpired. Strangely enough, the day of his death and the day I got news of it had a lot in common. They were Friday mornings for him on the East Coast, Friday nights for me in the Southwestern mountains. And for both of these nights, W21 hosted Metal shows, and both concerts featured the band Obelisk. As such, obelisks have come … read...

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Wake Up Dead

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You know that Megadeth song about a really brutal hangover? I’ll never understand it, because I rarely get hangovers. I guess the Booze Gods are rewarding me for my piety? Anyway, I missed that punk show in Albuqurque because I spent all day getting my ID, but the booze gods gave me further libations in the form of a Metal bar show in Santa Fe, so glory be to the saviors. These Charming Cobras are … read...

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Upcoming Shows

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A few days ago, I thought I’d just post a single half-assed entry and leave it there for a fortnight. However, fate/Metal/ the internet had other plans. I’m lots of fun and bad with numbers, so I’m pretty sure it’s four posts and counting at this point. Well, here ya go. Domestic Violence is best described as Super Punk Rock. They’re so awesome that even people who don’t like Punk music are hooked, if only … read...

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Last Minute Concert Review

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Last time, I made a last-ditch effort to promote some shows that didn’t have a lot of publicity. However, I was under the mistaken impression that only 3 bands were playing last night’s gig, whereas I was pleasantly surprised by a full set of five. Anyway, this is what mischief transpired:  If you’re familiar with my blog, you should be familiar with Obelisk. Otherwise, I don’t know how to describe them without turning vague or … read...

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Last Minute Shows

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 Local music scenes rule, and as such I try to promote concerts and events as often as I can. But there were some shows that I didn’t even know about until approximately five seconds ago, so I’m gonna hype it up as much as possible within the given deadlines. First of all, we have Obelisk, Cassovita, and some other third band playing at W21 at 7 PM tonight, so there’s like 2 hours to get ready … read...

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Punk As Fuck

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This weekend was wack. On Friday, there was the kick-ass Metal show at Warehouse 21 (see previous post for details). Then there was a Punk Rock baby shower on Sunday (Congrats, Sophie and Jay!). And in between, there was this untitled epic concert on Saturday.   It was a bizarre, mysterious show from the get-go. First of all, the concert didn’t have a title. Then the venue was some creepy studio in the middle of a freaking industrial zone, and the … read...

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Yet Another Concert, Yet Another Review

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Friday, 1/27/12. Warehouse 21 hosted another Metal show. Rock concerts at W21, though frequent, are anything but routine. Here are the shenanigans that transpired last night: First up was The Eden Betrayal, a Christian Metal group. Despite all of the evidence to the contrary, I myself am Catholic. I’m not a very good one, but I’m a Catholic all the same. As such, it was nice to see like-minded devotees defy stereotypes and rock out with … read...

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