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I’m a slacker and a half. This is super last minute, and yet it must be done. Apparently there’s a benefit for W21 tonight, but only one of the bands is Metal (Until Chaos is freaking epic, by the way.) So support your local scene and bring your skateboard. Like all Warehouse 21 shows, doors open at seven and it only costs five bucks. Also, don’t show up with drugs or a crappy attitude. Not even cool, bro.

So much for that biz. Tomorrow, things get heavier with the Slaughter Survivors Battle Of the Bands.  Atypical Night is a sublime taste of Melodic Death Metal. Of All Forms is just plain heavy.  Futilitarian is thrashy Instru-Metal.  Eulogies Of The Forgotten is best described as Blackened Thrash. I have no idea what the other bands sound like, which only makes me more excited to go. $10 at the door, show starts at 6 PM, and 9 bands in all. Location is Albuqurque’s own Amped Performance Center.
If you happen to be in Nevada this Saturday, check out the amazingly talented Machine Gun Vendetta, sharing the stage with legendary Leftover Crack. This show will be awesome, no joke. I wish I had this flyer hanging in my room.
Now here’s a show I’ve been anticipating for a while… Motherfucking GAZA. These crazy dudes have performed at the (now defunct) Little Wing venue, featured in Terrorizer Magazine, and reviewed in The Living Doorway blog. Good stuff. Not to mention their sharing the stage with local bands, including Immortal Prophecy, Saberwulf, and Harsh Words. I don’t know what the cover is, and frankly, I don’t care. I’d sell my soul to see this. Also, I wish I had this flyer hanging over my bed.
That’s so cherry that it hurts. Anyway, more shenanigans are to ensue on the 8th, now that Scattered Hamlet are back in town. Blinddryve hails closer to home, coming from Albuqurque.And uh, two other bands that I never heard of. This is all going down at Hooligans Nightclub at 7:30. Only $8.
Yeah, I don’t have the motivation or artistic integrity to conclude this properly, so… Bye.

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