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Album Review: Deforme – God-Like Strength

(Photo via Moshpits and Movies.)

Deforme is a conglomeration of brutal death metal and grind. The gutteral vocals are especially gruesome, with lead vocalist Juan Martinez growling and grunting like a demon from hell. The guitarwork of both Alex Camacho and Joe Baca shreds violently. The bassline from Blair Robey is strong and solid. The drumming is a sturdy skeleton for the whole musical package. No wonder their drummer is called “Beast”.  I love how the rhythm section sometimes steals the spotline.

Altogether, this band sounds very rhythmic yet technical. I recall the musical stylings of Skinless, Cryptopsy, and Atheist. The kind of metal that gives jazz nerds a hard-on. Deforme also incorporate sudden changes in tempo and melody. This technique is used not only in Jazz, but also in Classical Music, Electronica, and of course, Thrash Metal.

I’ve been listening to so much melodic music, that I had almost forgotten how cathartic and human it is to listen to something that just sounds evil. We all think dark thoughts, and Deforme articulates this hatred and misanthropy into demented, twisted guitar wails of despair and primal screams of anger. This music makes me want to hate humanity forever, drink straight whiskey, and read the books of Nietzsche, Dostoyevsky, and Hemmingway. The album God-Like Strength is undisputedly badass.

The lyrics are rage fueled rebellions against a corrupt society. The whole set up is extremely loud and heavy. This album is a prime example of New Mexico grown goregrind and brutal death metal. Visit the band on Facebook and Metal Archives, or better yet, catch them in concert. Three stars out of five!