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Album Review: DevilDriver – Dealing with Demons I

Dealing with Demons I is the 5th full length DevilDriver album, released by Napalm Records on 10/02/2020.

They were contenders for the world record of the biggest circle pit in history. They have a discography of several critically acclaimed albums. They have been shredding for nearly two decades. DevilDriver fucking rules. And Dealing With Demons is their latest and most ambitious offering yet.

Part I of this double-album is exemplary of DevilDriver’s signature style. This is pure American metal, as classic as baseball and apple pie. You see what you get, and get what you see. The album reflects several recognizable archetypes of heavy metal, including astrological glyphs, alchemical sigils, grim reapers, darkness, and death. These concepts are also stylized through aggressive instrumentation and lyrical songwriting.

Keep Away From Me calls back to the solitary misanthropy of their previous hit, Nothing’s Wrong? It also seems to be a homage to Pantera’s Walk. Check out the lyrics, and the influence is apparent. Speaking of lyrics, this album has some of the most immersive storytelling I’ve ever seen from DevilDriver. It comes off as a concept album, centered around the theme of literal and metaphorical demons to be battled.

This music is so powerful, yet so sensitive. The riffs are beefy and badass, but the lyrics are pensive and thoughtful. Emotive and introspective, this album is a testament as to why DevilDriver is one of my favorite metal bands of all time. Check out a few singles on Youtube, or buy the full album from Bandcamp or DevilDriver’s official website. 4 stars out of 5!