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Vovkulaka – Band Bio

Vovkulaka is a Ukraine-based metal band. Review by Luke Parsons of Abrasive Noise.

A band born from otherworldly interventions, Vovkulaka have emerged into the moonlight to deliver tales of the paranormal.

The band were formed in 2014 under the guiding hand of VoIK, who was inspired to create the band by a haunting experience in a five-hundred-year-old fort in his Ukrainian homeland. A deep passion had been awakened inside his soul to pursue mysterious and strange phenomena. The stories of VoIK’s ghost-hunting exploits are what inspires the vast majority of the band’s lyrical themes.

VoIK is the ultimate mastermind of Vovkulaka, being the bands main songwriter, vocalist and drummer but has enlisted the services of guitarist Ivan Manoloff, plus percussionists Naya G and JuleZ. This duo also performs as dancers during live shows, adding an intriguing theatrical dynamic to their music.

The bands style is hard to pin down, like trying to capture spirits with your bare hands. Their largest influences coming from genres such as Nu-metal, goth rock, industrial and dubstep. Melded together these styles create something that sounds both old school and refreshing. They’ve found an angle on nu-metal that is not unlike Korn, Slipknot or the early heyday of Marilyn Manson.

The bands standout success so far has been their debut single “Glory to the Heroes” which was released back in 2016. There was notable musical pedigree involved on the track, which featured Keith Lynch of Black Sabbath and Bill Ward Band fame.

Three years later, the band released their self-titled debut album. It features 12 tracks that takes you through several soundscapes, always carrying a sinister sense of threat throughout. Catchy guitar riffs are in healthy supply, as are the gritty vocal tones of VoIK. There are also some exceptionally well-placed electronic embellishments, which add an extra layer of intrigue and mystery.

It is of little surprise to note that the bands name is derived from the Ukrainian word for “werewolf”, or that the alias VoIK is Russian for “wolf”. This is a band deeply committed to its enigmatic subject matter. In fact, VoIK himself states

“I have cut off all ties with everyone, quit everything, and sold all my possessions to dedicate myself to Vovkulaka. This is my everything”

Such an absolute devotion to a cause is hard to find, and is to be respected. Vovkulaka is still in its relative infancy but this is an entity that is thirsting for more and is ready to haunt the grand halls of the metal underworld for years to come. Let the darkness in.