Band Profile: Dissonance In Design

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Dissonance In Design is a very appropriate name for a band of this caliber. As the name implies, they deliver  intricate and yet caustic melodies. Their musical style is simultaneously technical and melodic… Put simply, they have sublime virtuosity. The compositions are so complex that they border on unholy. The drummer is probably on crack, or just mind-blowingly good at what he does. I don’t know what the guitarist looks like, but I can’t help but picture a long-haired demon playing a Flying V on a bleak mountain top. And the vocals? They totally instill fear in the hearts of non-believers. The bassist was apparently stolen from Sunday Massacre, which explains why he excels where so many other Metal bassists fall short.

The lyrics, though saturated with morbid imagery, are ultimately hopeful. The words juxtapose unbearable anguish with a glimmer of optimism, reminiscent of Pandora’s fabled box. Except maybe Dionysiac, which I arbitrarily insist is about remedying a hangover with more booze. No wait, that’s just the Sailor Jerry’s talking.  Sober me thinks that Dionysiac is totally deep too. Dissonance In Design not only employs excellent musicianship and skill, but also a solid band dynamic. Many would-be-famous bands fall apart due to their lack of cohesion, despite their technical and musical proficiency. But if these fuckers can hold their shit together for a while, they’ll probably conquer the world (or at least Colorado.)

There’s only one more aspect for me to mention. I can’t tell if their artwork is a T-shirt, an album cover, or both. Either way, it looks like something Bob Masse would paint if he lived in the generation of of Skinless and Sepultura instead of Hendrix and King Crimson. Check it:

I have horrible writers block so I didn’t really do the band justice by this sub-par write up. I’m too bitchy to care. Four stars outta five.


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