The Spiritual Implications Of Mosh Pits, According To A Drunk (Me)

Posted by on Jul Wed, 2012 in Concert Review

(Rewind: Spring 2011 ) I had learned of Danno’s death a week after it transpired. Strangely enough, the day of his death and the day I got news of it had a lot in common. They were Friday mornings for him on the East Coast, Friday nights for me in the Southwestern mountains. And for both of these nights, W21 hosted Metal shows, and both concerts featured the band Obelisk. As such, obelisks have come … read...

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Band Profile: Eat A Helicopter

Posted by on Jul Sun, 2012 in Album Review, Band Profile, Death Metal, Deathcore, New Releases

Do you like stuff like Whitechapel and Chelsea Grin, but your concert budget consists of of $20 and a bottle of cheap vodka? Worry no longer, comrades. Eat A Helicopter is just as awesome at a fraction of the cost. If you don’t believe me, here’s a music video. If you like what you hear, buy the album Descend Into Darkness,  available on Itunes. The drumming is the typical Metal style, a relentless machine-gun … read...

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Concert Review: Metal Alliance 2012

Posted by on Apr Thu, 2012 in Concert Review

Well, fuck. It’s been a rowdy ass weekend frought with mayhem and debauchery. Warehouse 21 hosted yet another Metal show on Saturday, but more about that later. Today, I’m going to focus on the craziness that was the Metal Alliance tour. First of all, it came to my neck of the woods on Easter Sunday. The Holy Day is a pretty weird time to do anything, let alone have a freaking Death Metal Concert. And on Zombie … read...

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Concert Review: Monster Bash

Posted by on Jan Sat, 2012 in Concert Review, Punk

Once more, I must apologize for my hiatus from writing, though in my defense, this particular digression was fueled by neither drugs nor laziness. Instead, I got my ass kicked in a mosh pit, and have been in recovery ever since. I’m mostly intact, sans a few teeth and higher brain functions, but otherwise alive and well. Let’s take a flashback to that infamous night, the legendary Monster Bash of Warehouse 21. The Advocates were … read...

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Scattered Hamlet: Hard Rock with a Southern Twist

Posted by on Nov Sun, 2011 in Band Profile, Concert Review

Scattered Hamlet has filled the void since Four Locos were banned from virtually all sane establishments in America. The rowdy, intoxicating, energetic vibe that was illegalized to drink is now accessible from concerts, such as that which took place on November 19th at the El Rey. The show promised to crank it even louder than 11, and Scattered Hamlet fulfilled expectations. Not that I’ve ever read any cheesy romance novels, but you know … read...

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Denim and Leather: Headbanger Style

Posted by on Nov Wed, 2011 in Uncategorized

   Metal was the unloved bastard-child of the hippie generation. We inherited the drugs and long-haired rebellion. Hell, we even kept the unhealthy obsession with music. It’s the music itself we changed. Bands like Led Zeppelin bridged the abyss, hence the elements of Bohemia in the Metalhead wardrobe. The most obvious connection is the long hair, which was shocking, offensive, even freakish to society until the late 6o’s. Other examples include the John Lennon glasses worn … read...

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Machine-Eye Photography: An Image Caught in Time

Posted by on Nov Mon, 2011 in Punk

Unlike most photographers, Miguel Chavez captures movement, not moments. The  atmosphere of live music is reflected in his candid shots of mid-concert mayhem. He captures the definitive examples of mosh pits, of mass hysteria, the unison in entropy that epitomizes the art of concerts. Prolonged poses are rare in his art.  Even the standstills are obviously candid, a fleeting pause between motions. His photography has been featured at galleries such as Warehouse 21, … read...

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Obelisk: Further reflections on mosh pit spirituality

Posted by on Nov Fri, 2011 in Uncategorized

     The pain of a pit is practically sexual, combining karma and libido into a Tantric event, like iron evolving into gold. The moshers are sadomasochistic; some dominate the pit with a vengeance while others submit to their pain and love every minute of it. The only true gimps are the spectators who do nothing, but stand in the perimeter and behold the moshers with mild curiosity or feigned indifference. But the Tantric vibrations … read...

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