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Interview With The Illegal Aliens

This Santa Fe, NM based punk band is out of this world!


Ahh, late December. The end of another year. The time when all my arch nemeses – erm, fellow music writers – make lists of AOTY (Album of the Year) and community countdowns. When we reflect on our favorite records, EPs, and singles. A healthy balance of catchy mainstream stuff, cult classics, deep cuts, and hidden gems. Retrospective flashbacks on the music of 2021, both good and bad.

Anyway, here’s my stand-alone interview with The Illegal Aliens.


1. Can you please introduce yourselves?

Gabriel Lucero – Hi I’m Gabe.

Eric Guitterez: I’m Eric and I’m lead vocal, and the elder of the band.

Kenny Brito: I’m Kenny and I’m the bean & cheese burrito of the band.

Gabe P: Gabriel Pacheco, bass guitar and resident lactose intolerant.

Zack: Hi I’m Zack, Rhythm guitar.

2. When did you first form the band?

The Illegal Aliens: February 2015 @ The Santa Fe place mall.

3. Who are your musical inspirations and influences?

Gabe L: The Offspring, Metallica, Dead Kennedys.

Kenny: Slipknot, Lamb of God, Slayer.

Eric: Linkin Park, Eminem , STYX.

Gabe P: In general Berry Oakley and Peter Hook but for this band Bad Brains probably.

Zack: Linkin Park, Iron Maiden, Blue North.

4. What is your song writing process?

The Illegal Aliens: It usually starts with one of us having an idea, and everyone kinda builds and collaborates.

5. Do have any singles, EPs, or albums in the works?

The Illegal Aliens: We are dropping a new mixtape this winter, produced by Augustine Ortiz.

6. Do you plan to go on tour? If so, when and where?

Gabe L: Earth / Forever.

Zack: Looking to to tour ASAP, but waiting to see how the pandemic plays out before making any decisions.

Gabe P: Touring is hard, we’d like to do it but the timing isn’t necessarily right.

7. What’s the wildest thing that ever happened at a concert you played?

Gabe L: Playing at the bonfire @ Sandia Speedway.

Eric: A lot.

Kenny: When we played Durango and we almost got shut down. We had a fight break out in the audience.

Zack: When I fell off Launchpad’s stage last month. I’m still feeling it to this day. (Editor’s note: This interview was originally completed in November, so they’re probably referring to this show.)

Gabe P: I’ve electrocuted myself on several occasions.

8. What’s the worst part about being in a band?

Zack: Time management for me.

Gabe P: Scheduling or being electrocuted.

Gabe L: The Farts.

Eric: When shows get canceled and silent crowds.

Kenny: Being in too many bands at once.

9. What’s the best part of being in a band?

Gabe P: The Music, Man.

Gabe L: Just being in the band.

Kenny: Achieving your hopes and dreams.

Eric: Fucking with other bands.

Zack: Bringing people joy with what we do.

10. What do you want to say to your fans?

Kenny: Support your local music scene, without you guys there is no us.

Gabe P: We, and bands in general, thrive off the energies of the audience. When we see y’all having a good time it helps us play better and it creates a big feedback loop of good vibes. Thank you so much you make us very happy. Stay in school if you’re in school, do your best if you work.

Eric: I love you all, so please don’t piss me off.

Zack: Thank you for everybody’s continued support! We all appreciate everything the community has done for us, and for liking what we do.

Gabe L: Buy Merch.